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5 Signs of Digestive Discomfort – Baby Care with the Best Organic Formula

5 Signs of Digestive Discomfort – Baby Care with the Best Organic Formula

The starting months of the baby are the resultant of the newness to its introduction to life. So mothers keep calm and keep looking for little signs he/she wants to convey. That little body does not even have a properly developed system as yet and needs to be taken care of. First of all you got to have a clear picture of what’s inside your baby’s body. That will unveil as and when you know the symptoms and the way to deal with them. Look for the signs of your baby’s discomfort below:

  • Reflux through the esophagus or the food-pipe: reflux is the ingestion process that happens if the food/milk hasn’t travelled through the food pipe to the stomach of your kid.

Being such a delicate system; swirl the fact around your head that gravity is the only thing it knows to pull down the food. The fact will gradually change as the system of your baby’s body develops and becomes stronger. Until the stomach learns the rhythm the new age parents are bound to learn how to deal with their infant.  

All you could do is while breastfeeding or formula feeding, keep the head and the better half of the neck of your kid slightly lifted. But not too much! After the meal put him in upright position, slowly and gradually you have a smiling kid when the pathway for digestion and food intake is proper.

  • Diarrhea: some days prior to birth the kid is bound to have green bowel and when you start the  organic formula feeding the kid has 2-3 yellow bowels in a day. But then watery bowel and continuous flow of bowel after that is a matter of concern. That may lead to dehydration and drain of all essential nutrients from the baby’s body.

Keep in mind to increase the kids’ fluid intake and before any major decision visit a doctor. Ultimately the respiratory track can also be affected. If in adults only this is a major concern then how will a delicate baby deal with that?

You already know that you got to keep your kid in upright position and make it burp in order to make the digestion proper. Do learn baby massage for your kid, especially the ILU movements just to make it easier for it to digest the feed.

  • Vomiting: another difficulty and a major concern in adults are vomiting and so it is in the babies. Due to reflux the baby might spit out most of the feed he/she had. To ensure proper digestion one can also give frequent and smaller feeds to the kid in order to ensure proper digestion.

All you need to take care of is digestion, also prevent dehydration and a change of formula feed or moving from breast feed to HiPP Spezial Anti Reflux formula in order remove discomfort from your child’s life.

  • Colic: frequent and prolonged cries in the early months of your baby’s birth are called colic. In such a situation take care of your baby and don’t forget to soothe it by holding him/her in arms and rocking it back and forth.

The only reason of this frequent colic is the impatience your baby might have being introduced to new things around like sound, light etc. some kids take it normal and don’t really react to the changes the more impatient or the scared ones might take time to adjust to such changes. Other very colic reasons might be oversensitivity to gas or milk allergies.

  • Constipation: hard to pass bowel can be a very discomforting position for the baby. He/she might not feel like eating its feeds anymore. There might be pain or blood during bowel passing, all it is sign of constipation.

Constipation might happen at the time your baby starts in-take of solids in its food. At that time a little dietary change like the introduction of corn syrup in place of rice cereal can be helpful to alleviate the problem of constipation in your baby.

The baby is helpless but there is a solution to its digestive problems so keep calm and look after it!