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All about Maltodextrin in your Holle Organic Formula

All about Maltodextrin in your Holle Organic Formula

Are we all worried of the bad impression maltodextrin in general has created? Well I am too and that just urged me look into the presence of maltodextrin in the formula. For when I heard the controversy of maltodextrin I couldn’t believe my trustworthy company ‘Holle’ will be in it or doing anything against the standards. Well my trust never broke and my intuition was right they have their own way to extract just the benefit out of maltodextrin.

About Holle

Holle has created healthy and safe baby formula for infants for a lifetime of their existence now. It is their number one priority to reject all those chemical processing, lab-made ingredients for their well formulated baby formula.

Here is what makes Holle a trustworthy brand for our baby formula:

  • Biodynamic agriculture
  • No artificial flavors or preservatives
  • NO added sugar
  • NO pesticides
  • All Organic ingredients
  • Follows strict EU regulations to ensure highest quality

As Holle uses and abides by all that is mentioned above I can believe that a controversial product has been a challenging journey for them too. But eventually they had reasons and standards for the inclusion that has been justified below.

Maltodextrin used in the Holle Organic Milk Formula for your baby is a starch derivative. It is modified starch, in which the length of the glucose chain is shorter than in the original starch. This means that it is not really a sweetener like lactose. These are the low molecular weight carbohydrates that are about 10 % of starch content in your baby’s formula. This will help keep your baby fuller longer.

All the science is just getting over my head so here’s the deal the maltodextrin releases the sugars slowly in the baby’s body. It becomes easier for the baby to digest and energy is also provided appropriately. This is the main reason the baby stays fuller longer and one specific thing is it is Starch which in itself suggests the baby will remain fuller longer.

This one property of the baby formulas make it a meal like the elders for the baby too and hence has to be fed three or four times a day. Where lactose is a pure sweetener in the baby’s milk maltodextrin is the opposite with same vitamins and minerals to provide for the baby’s development. It is Non-sweet and due to its small particles it is easily soluble in the water. So mommies you don’t need to worry with this easy to mix filler for your baby’s tummy. With maltodextrin in your formula you don’t need to worry about the minerals neither you need to worry about the preparation of the baby formula.

To that note live a happy life with your kid for the coming time and stop worrying about the baby formula as Hipp, Holle and Lebenswert has got it all covered.