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Amazing Facts about your Breast Milk – For Mothers

Amazing Facts about your Breast Milk – For Mothers

The babies can be fed likewise both ways, with breast milk and organic infant formula. As there are mothers who cannot nurse their babies with breast feed. If any-one is the option mind you they both come with benefits for the mothers same to same benefits.

Majorly it is relaxing: -

If the release of hormones is good for the baby then it is good for the mother too as it helps release the stress and anxiety that can further help the mothers to have a lower risk of developing breast cancer, ovarian cancer, heart disease, stroke, type-2 diabetes, and postpartum depression. The longer the mother breastfeeds in her lifetime, the more protection she receives.

The stress of breast feeding on the contrary is released by bottle feeding as the baby does not need the organic formula feed as frequent as the breast milk. There are no hormones to be passed on but the cuddling time might help the baby a lot, which you will have sufficient from the easy and quick preparation of the formula feed. You can focus on the baby time majorly.

Fun facts: -

The fun is that the breast milk is not always white. It can be blue, green, yellow gold, pink, or orange depending what you eat or drink. Whereas the color remains the same for the organic formula milk well for the breast milk the baby will not know the color but, for the formula milk it will and don’t you worry because for both of them none harms the baby in any way.

Ladies! Breastfeeding burns between 500-600 calories per day. That means some of us might end up losing without any additional exercise. The pitch side of the organic formula is the easy life that comes with no worries and the tire of the initial days trying to understand what your baby needs might help us loose too.

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