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Difference between Goat Milk Formula and Cow Milk Formula

Difference between Goat Milk Formula and Cow Milk Formula

Well the mother’s milk that is the breast milk is the best for the babies of age 6 months and lower. If for any reason the mother’s cannot nurse their kid then they will have to choose from the best organic baby formulas available in the market. There are many kinds of milk formula in the market, but let this one be all about obtaining the milk from the mammary gland of another mother.

Holle Goat Organic Infant Baby Milk Formula and the Cow Infant Baby Milk formula are both infant formulas and follow the same standards while the making of the formula. But there are still some differences between both the formulas that can help you choose the right formula for your baby. 

  • Ratio of Whey to Casein: Whey is the protein that digests quickly and Casein is the protein that digests slowly.

The whey to casein protein ratio in cow milk infant formula is 40:60. The large quantity of casein protein might cause the reduction of allergies. The whey to casein protein ratio in goat milk infant formula is 20:80. Where the cow milk is way closer to mature breast milk, the goat milk formula doesn’t come near breast milk.

But for breast milk there is no such fixed ratio, it being the best for your baby changes ratio of whey and casein as and when the baby ages and according to the needs of the little one.

Both the milk formulas have their effect depend from baby to baby.

  • Lactose content: The mother’s milk and the cow’s milk have the natural sugar in it called the lactose. For the record mother’s milk is easy going on the baby as it has all the anti-allergens and the like to prevent the baby from the harshness of such ingredients.

The proteins in the cow’s milk are complex and hence the effect of lactose shows on the baby. This might lead to lactose intolerance or sensitivity. But goat milk formula has much less lactose content and because of the simplified proteins it is easily digestible by the baby.

Even if the lactose content is higher in Cow milk Formula it just might suit your baby perfectly and to some it may not.

  • Protein content: The breast milk has all the essential proteins according to the baby’s needs. But the cow and goat milk formula have way higher proteins than the breast milk but that does not mean it is good for the baby.

The cow milk formula has complex proteins that are difficult for the baby to digest. On the other hand the goat milk proteins are smaller and hydrolyzed for the baby to digest properly.  

The proteins that are not digested properly might cause constipation and other tummy troubles to the baby for that the goat milk formula is the best choice for the baby.

  • The natural molecular structure: The breast milk as mentioned above will adjust according to the baby’s needs as the baby grows. But the natural molecular structure of the contents of cow milk varies largely in size from the structure of contents of goat milk.

Therefore if taken naturally both milk simultaneously will have their individual effects on the baby, due to its molecular size, that will cause the digestion in the baby.

However no two organic milk formulas are different, each formula has its own benefits and it is all a hit and trial method over the baby. When you start the baby’s organic feed you will have to try a lot of formulas before finding the perfect one for your little one. Where the breast milk is the natural adapter finding the formula adaptation for your baby is a difficult thing.