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Feeding the Baby Complementary Foods After the Age of 6 Months

Feeding the Baby Complementary Foods After the Age of 6 Months

The baby life will change completely in one month’s time. The baby while shifting from organic formula to solids will taste and experiment with different foods but the time will go too fast and the baby will have tasted all the basic things.

We have to take care of certain things at different ages. In the 6th month of the baby’s life mothers will have to take care of the certain things. Introduction to complementary foods with will not be easy. The foods that complement the organic formula feed of your baby are difficult to make acceptable to the baby.

  • Be patient and keep the baby aware and calm of what he/she is made to eat.
  • Make an iron-rich start with baby rice cereal or pureed meat.
  • Start with 1-2 tbsp and then increase it to 3-4 tbsp.
  • Start the meal time once a day and carry on with the baby formula feed for the rest, then take the transition a step forward and feed it thrice a day.
  • The baby will take time to accept different tastes, be patient and wait for its acceptance.
  • Supervise them while they eat or they will choke while they take in a big chunk. No matter the food is pureed make it a habit for further.
  • Do not force the baby to eat, remember that the tummy size of the baby and the adult varies and it cannot eat the portion size same as yours.

From 7-12 months of baby’s age mother’s need to take care of the following things:

  • Now the baby is eating a variety of food the transition does not stop here.
  • Change the foods texture from pureed to mash and well the teeth are also on its way so keep it mashed till they are there completely.
  • Maintain a routine of eating 3 times a day. But the intake will increase as the baby gets older and stronger.
  • The little ones will be messy with the new foods you are giving to them so accept their mess.
  • Keep trying variety of foods with the baby to make it develop the taste of foods.
  • Start feeding the baby in cups and bowls like a big baby now.
  • Sit them with family for the meal time, to learn and understand the way each of you eat.
  • Let them decide how much they have to eat.