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Get to Know Your Kids Discomfort if it’s Constipating

Get to Know Your Kids Discomfort if it’s Constipating

There is a grave difference between the kids being formula fed and being breast fed. Kids tend to excrete with different patterns. As parents it is our sole responsibility to notice those patterns to make sure that the kid is not constipating. The only difference you will note is that after every feed the breastfed baby will pass stool. And the formula fed baby will pass stool once or twice a day but both of them will be soft stools. The poop won’t be hard for your baby to pass.

Breastfed babies:

They have the tendency to poop consistently being an all-liquid diet they will always pass smooth stools. Still if the mother changes her diet it is likely to affect the baby’s poop. The baby will either not take the feed or be uncomfortable while passing stool. This leads to the stretching of their interiors that will then lead to traces of blood in the poop.

Formula-fed Babies:

These babies have to be taken care of. Parents will have to notice the poop patterns as specified above. It will be like the small soft balls, but if the kid is allergic to the formula or the organic baby formula is not digestible by the baby it might pass hard stool which will have traces of blood. The baby might not even pass poop for days, look for the signs.

After 6 months of age when the babies are allowed to have solid foods there might be an imbalance of food choices for the kid that may expose them excessively. This could be the reason the babies will either constipate or have diarrhea. Take care of what the kid is having and follow a schedule of the foods it should have.

How to take care of the constipation situation of your baby?

A change of the baby’s organic formula can help baby get relieved of the discomfort due to constipation. The formula change should be done according to the baby’s sensitivities. So that your delicate baby doesn’t have to face anymore uncomforting situation and live happy and healthy.

For the breastfed babies the mother will need to change her diet so the baby doesn’t face discomfort. Make sure to exclude rice cereal and others that will cause your baby constipation.