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How long the Formula can be kept in Storage?

How long the Formula can be kept in Storage?

Not always the perfect quantity is made and not always will your kid finish the full meal and be a good baby. In such a situation one would think what if at some leftover meal needs to be stored. Just as storing the normal food till 24 hours is allowed the milk formulas prepared for your kid can also be stored.

Find your situation below:

Heading to a Nursery with your Toddler:

At such a place making your baby’s feed instantly is suited. The place is safe for your kid and mostly bacteria free. And when all you need to do is transfer from one vacuum bottle to another sterilized bottle. Make sure to take boiled water in a vacuum bottle and that can stay warm up-to four hours. All you or the nursery teacher will need to do is, add the hot water to the already sterilized bottle of formula contents mix it bring it down to the needed temperature before feeding it to the kid.

At home:

Well no doubt that the baby’s feed can be freshly prepared at home but in some cases when you interpret it can have a certain quantity and the consumption goes down to a greater extent keep it out for not more than 1 hour after that put the bottle in an airtight container and put it in the coldest corners of your fridge. After refrigerating it for up-to 24 hours throw it away as there is a possibility of bacterial infection into your baby’s feed.

How will you use the formula after refrigerating it for so long?

Well this option is only available when you put up at home all day with your baby. All you need to do is when it’s time for the next feed, heat some water in a saucepan, as soon as it boils close the flame and place the formula bottle in the water. You’d need the baby’s feed only lukewarm for the next usage. And so you finish the feed within 24 hours.

Heading to a Mall with your Kid:

Mothers you definitely don’t want to prepare your baby’s food in a place with an excessive flow of bacterial infection in the air, a mall is definitely too unsafe to prepare your kids feed. So before you leave, store the bottles into the coldest part of your refrigerator. Then as soon as you finish your last minute chores stack the bottles in the ice cube packet and carry it with you to the mall you are all set for the day.

At the end if you think you can stay away from the fuss of preparing the feed and breastfeed your kid you should know the benefits of bottle feeding and how does it work.

Have a happy meal time for your kid anywhere you go!