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How to Burp your Baby?

How to Burp your Baby?

So the tricks with the babies are going on old and raw in the family are still the same the babies then were also taken care of, the babies today are also taken care of. Sensitive new born or a premature born needs care enough to suit and serve the processes of intake to digestion to excretion in its body. As much are these processes important for the adults to work in a systematic way so are they important for an infant. The roots once kept strong the tree will definitely grow strong.

So feeding a baby and making it burp goes hand in hand. The very first question that arises is

Why do we need to make the baby burp?

A burp is the process of freeing up some space in tummy of your little baby that makes space for some more feed. The air that the baby had gasped from the environment travels through the esophagus into the stomach and occupies most of it. This may lead to gas and uncomforting state of being.

The burp position can help in a lot of ways, if after the feed you put the baby in an upright position this help eliminate the little milk the baby is going to spit out.

If the baby is colicky it could be because of the un-comfort it is facing because of the gastric spaces in his/her body.

If the baby has refluxes holding it in the upright position can be helpful.

    Further bottle feeding organic baby formula and breast feeding can have different consequences and burp needs in your baby. Here’s

    Who’d need more burping?

    The bottle fed kid will need to burp more times in comparison will the breast fed kid. While sucking on the nipple of the bottle the baby is bound to suck more of air rather than the organic formula in it. While breast feeding will have no such consequences as; excess of air intake. 

    For those parents who’d like or need to feed the kid with the bottle can give anti-colic bottle a try. Due to its usage the baby will take in less air and be fed properly. Not to forget babies need to be better at sucking rather than a change of bottle. With time it will learn to suck milk from the bottle properly.

    When does the baby need to burp?

    If your baby is content with its feed and falls asleep without being uncomfortable, it should be assumed that there is no need for burp.

    But if after the sleep the baby wakes up at odd interval or tends to be uncomfortable then the baby should be picked up deliberately and made to burp. It might spit out some milk, which is of less concern the baby needs to digest the rest properly.

    As the baby needs to burp after the feed so if it happens to break between his/her courses of feed you should first make him burp to digest one portion of its meal and then continue with the feed. Or you can make it burp only after the whole meal to ensure proper digestion.

      How to make your baby burp?

      Hold your deary naughty over the shoulder and don’t forget to put a towel on your shoulder in case it spit out some of the extra milk. Then rub its back softly to ensure it burps.

      Make your child sit upright on your lap and pat it’s back gently also rock him on your leg. This might be a play for it but will help him/her relieve of all the gas and digest properly.

      Put him face down across your lap; keep in mind not to hang it completely. This will help him digest and get a little bit of tummy massage to release extra gas.

      If it’s still difficult to get it to burp try after sometime later with your naughty boy/girl.

      Otherwise you can try to pat or stroke the back gently to ensure it burps.

      Further warm bath and a tummy massage will help him/her to relax.

        Try some burps for a happy and a healthy kid!