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Know your Lebenswert Organic Stage 2

Know your Lebenswert Organic Stage 2

If you ever want to start over with something light in the Hipp Holle Organic Formula, or your baby is just recovering from the after affects of the intolerances he/she had had in the past. I would say just start with Lebenswert.

Parents believe that when their kids had intolerances and they finally had to experiment that are they over it, they tried Lebenswert. This extremely light and close to mothers feed milk was easily digestible and blended well with their kids. The kids with the low appetite finally had a full bottle feed and are back to the path of growing happily.

Lebenswert Stage 2 is made from the best quality milk, which gives your baby with all the necessary nutrients needed while growing. Mainly it contains nutrients Vitamin A and folic acid. Vitamin A is necessary for normal vision along with keeping the major organs such as the heart, lungs and kidneys working normally.Folic acid helps the body build and keep blood cells. A deficiency of folic acid in the body is also known as a cause for anemia.

Feature's List of Lebenswert Stage 2:

  • For ages 6 months and up
  • Biodynamic and organic certified
  • Essential vitamins and minerals
  • Iron fortified
  • Vitamin D and calcium for strong bones
  • Vitamin A and C for a healthy immune system
  • No wheat, soy, or peanut ingredients.
  • Gluten Free

The balance with nature is one of the reasons for the superior quality of the milk used in Bioland Lebenswert bio premium baby food. From making, via processing to ready product, the special organic quality is ensured by means of independent and government agency checks.

From 6th Month onwards

  • 500g / 17oz
  • Easy to digest
  • Gluten-free
  • No genetically modified organism
  • Bioland milk


Skimmed milk *, whey powder (partly demineralised) *, vegetable oils * (palm oil *, rapeseed oil *, sunflower oil *), maltodextrin *, calcium, vitamin C, iron pyrophosphate, copper sulfate, vitamin E, zinc sulfate, niacin, calcium, vitamin B1, vitamin B6,vitamin A, folic acid, potassium iodate, manganese sulfate, vitamin K1, sodium selenite, vitamin D.