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Storage of the Organic Baby Formula

Storage of the Organic Baby Formula

It is not to be kept safe when you feel you have spent enough money on the baby’s organic formula feed. It is to be kept safe for making the feed as nutritious for the baby as it was meant to be by the formula makers. The formula feed has its own properties and as it gets exposed to the moisture and heat, the formula properties get activated, this may lead to the formula losing its nutritional value.

So first thing that we need to look for is the date format:

Being it the German formula feed the depiction of date on the packet is different than those on the US formula feed packets. The format is Day-Month-Year and not Month-Day-Year. This is to be taken care of while determining the expiry date of the formula. The previous formula packet if any should be finished before a fresh one is used. See European date formats.


The formula feed is first sealed in a sachet and then cardboard packaged with all the German language instructions. Each time you use the formula you should eliminate as much air in the packet and then seal it. Other precautions can be taken for the storage is; you can transfer the whole formula from the packet into a sterilized container and store it in dry cool place to keep it long lived and nutritious for the baby.


Be aware of the feed quantity the baby takes at one meal time and prepare that much only according to the instructions. If the baby does not drink the whole feed try feeding the baby in breaks. The formula feed once prepared should not be kept in room temperature for more than one hour. After that the bacteria will start breeding in the formula and thus should not be fed to the baby. Such formula should be discarded.

But if you wish to travel or keep the formula prepared well in advance so that when you are back you do not have to take the heck of preparation. Do so in a proper way. The formula can be made well ahead of time and after it is the normal temperature it can be stored in the coolest part of the refrigerator. Keep in mind that formula feed should not be kept in refrigerator for more than 24 hours. So now you have the ease till 24 hour any time you can toss the organic formula feed bottle in the hot water to warm it enough for the baby to be fed.

At all times keep a stock of enough organic infant formula from your all time merchant to be sure that the baby will receive continuous nutritional feed in its early days of life.