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What is the Difference Between Baby Formula and Cow's Milk?

What is the Difference Between Baby Formula and Cow's Milk?

The first preference milk for the mother is the cow milk if she wants to go for supplement milk. The option is just so universal that we don’t realize how early we are exposing our baby to the risk of digesting these complex proteins. Life is a roller coaster ride and during the highs is the time we have to make the right choices. No doubt our mothers have taught us about the cow milk and to them their mother’s but eventually we should realize that now is the time for a change. But before the change let’s get informative of both sides of the bar to take a fair decision.

Cow milk is from the mammary gland of a mammal that sounds just the next alternative for the baby’s feed. But little do we know that the milk is not from the time the cow has given birth to the baby it is the milk from the time after the birth of the young calf that to from the time the calf has grown enough to take the farm feed. So the starting milk of every mammal is reserved for the little one and hence when the baby is all grown up the cow milk is not so much according to the needs of the little one. Rather it is much more thick and complex so much so that even the German made organic baby formulas will not use it before hydrolyzing it.

So as we know that the mother’s milk is good for the baby, we should also know that the milk that is produced by the mother after the birth of the baby is the most suitable feed for the baby. But if for any reasons the mother cannot nurse the baby, she should especially NOT follow the age old tradition of feeding cow milk to the baby. For this there is a specific and proven reason.

The cow’s milk contains highly complex proteins that are difficult for the baby to digest. These proteins might destroy the digestive nutrients in the gut of the baby. The undigested feed then will become hard stools and ultimately hard for the baby to pass. The baby might get bloodied stools and also repel going to pass stool. These are the signs that the baby should try something else. The baby needs something else. The signs are shouting at you. But most of us due to the ignorance ignore the signs because we do not have any other choice. The ultimate choice is the baby’s organic feed is much softer on your baby’s delicate system that is yet to develop.

German baby formulas are organically extracted and pure to its core with all its certification (Demeter certified, Organic). Having all these qualities the organic baby formula is just the best for your baby.

  • Only Organically Grown Ingredients
  • Packed with Essential Vitamins and Minerals
  • No Artificial Flavors, Colors or Sweeteners
  • Product Authenticity Guaranteed
  • GMO Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Easy to Prepare
  • Easy to Digest

 All these formulas are one on one a new type for the new sensitivities of the baby. Hence when the right formula is chosen the baby and the mother both can be happy even when the father can also serve the mother can have her “Me Time”. The resultant is the happy time for the whole family as we are taking care of all the important nutrients needed by the baby to grow properly with the baby’s organic formula.