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When and How to Start Travelling with your New Born?

When and How to Start Travelling with your New Born?

Travel is an important part, call us hippies call us bloggers and managing it is another important thing. With the newbie we have to be more cautious. Right people! So, today is the day when I will tell you the right time for this. Yes, the right time! Don’t worry; make it as early as 2 days and as late as 6 months when all the vaccines are done.

All you need to take care before being aboard are:

If you happen to travel through air or at a place that asks for a visa you can apply for both of them.

Check for family friendly hotels, availability of facilities at airports, hotels and the nearby supermarkets.

Complete your documentation for the yellow fever risk

Malaria is the most spread out disease and the kids cannot be vaccined at such an early stage. So, follow the guidelines by the WHO and don’t forget to take measures to stay pest free over the trip.

There are places with extra vaccine requirements, look for such areas and be absolutely safe during the travel.

    Note: according to WHO standards your baby isn’t eligible to have extra vaccines unless it is 6 months old. So take care of the vaccines you are providing it.

    See in to the procedures for travel insurance so that you can cover up maximum costs in case of any mishaps.

    Ask the airport facilities if they can provide an air cot or toss the HiPP organic formula bottle in the hot water so that it is warm enough for the baby to have it.
    Check for the baggage limits that can be taken with you in the flight, so you can carry the baby feeds efficiently.

    In case you are dependent on buying the fresh Holle Organic Formula from your trip destination, you should take in consideration different food regulations are prevalent in different countries. God knows, what you get in your container of goat milk formula if you are not taking care of the ingredient list on the bag. To avoid your child from getting a varied effect of the formula, pack loads of best rated formula in the US from home and loads extra for any possible delays.

      Over the trips and especially during flights the air can lead to dehydration, if such a thing can affect the adults, then much worse to the kids. So, keep your kid dehydrated enough so as to eliminate the risks of bad health over a trip.

      Stay tuned for more travel tips with your newborn baby!