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Will Colic make the Baby Repel Formula Feed?

Will Colic make the Baby Repel Formula Feed?

Baby cries for extended periods of time is known as Colic if it suffices this Rule of 3. The scientific studies say that if the baby cries for 3 hours /day, for 3 days/ week and for 3 weeks / month then the baby is said to be colicky. The disturbing loud cries of the baby can be due to a lot of reasons:

1. The little one has just entered a completely unknown place called the world. Maybe the colic is because of he/she is too afraid of the dark and the light he/she is exposed to.
2. The baby might have a problem digesting the kind of infant formula or the breast milk you are feeding it. Either the mother needs a change of diet or the baby formula needs to be changed to organic or something that is easier on the baby.
3. The baby might be constipated again because of the feed that is being fed to the baby.
4. The baby might have acid reflux due to the feeding habits he/she has taken up. This might be because you are also the first parent and you are also dealing with it the same way it is dealing with the new world.
5. The baby might be gassy because he/she is gasping too much air for that matter. For that we need to take care of the way baby is being fed. Refer our blog to correct the habits in order to make the baby less gassy.

    Note: Now we also need to look out for the ways to relief our baby from all the tummy troubles it is facing. Also inhibit correct habits and some exercises that we need to do with the baby to make its feed more digestible and less disturbing for its body.

    Colic can be due to the baby’s tummy troubles which make you and your baby very disturbed. This may lead your baby to repel feed each time he/she is offered. If the baby is constipating, the baby’s tummy doesn’t excrete and digests the previous feed properly and he/she might not be hungry because of this. Therefore the baby might repel the formula feed or the breast milk you are offering it at the time of his scheduled eating.

    Hence if the right baby formula is chosen at the right time the baby’s tummy would not have suffered and baby might have been less colicky and happier. Well there are many things that have been tried to make the baby less colicky this could be one reason the baby might be really disturbed and being all colicky.

    The baby might take in a lot of air and always be tensed because of all the gas in its body; the baby might face body pains and stiffen its body to release the gas. It is very important that you make the baby burp from time to time, to try and make it less colicky. This way the baby might not repel the feed that is given to it.