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Your baby’s natural day and night routine

Your baby’s natural day and night routine

Natural Inner clock 

As adults, we all have our inner clock installed in our body’s naturally. This means that in the morning we wake up and go about our day and when the sun sets, and it gets dark around us, we start to feel tired and slowly prepare ourselves to go to sleep. Our inner clock also tells us when we are hungry and thirsty multiple times a day.

As your baby grows over the first few weeks after birth, her/she also starts to develop a natural routine. Yet, this routine is based on how many times, and when you decide to feed your baby during the day. Since your baby is dependent on you for pretty much everything throughout the day and night, you have full control and knowledge over when your little one is gonna be hungry, sleepy, or fussy.

Get to know your baby

Sometimes parents try to put their baby to sleep too much, when they actually need more awake time. Normally after a feeding the baby is very alert. Take this time to talk to your baby and make faces. It is extremely important to communicate with your baby in order for him/her to get used to words and noises you are making.


Your baby remembers and picks up more than you think. Therefor, talk to them, laugh with them, look them in the eyes and tell them what you are about to do; “Now we are gonna feed you”, “let’s go and get you dressed so we can go out for a walk”. Talk to your child as if they are grown up or as if you are writing a journal and you are the narrator, at first you might forget but sooner or later it will become natural to you.


As your baby matures and grows there patterns and daily routines will start to change. After a few month’s your might start to slowly introduce some solid food into your baby’s diet. This is a huge milestone for you and your baby and will bring new change into your day to day life. Of course your baby will also have new interests and as he or she gets older and starts to crawl or walk. Playing outside will be a new favorite and you should always make sure you are close by to watch your child and make sure they are safe and don’t hurt themselves.