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Holle Organic Baby Cereal 3-Korn

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Holle Organic Baby Cereal - 3 Grain Porridge

Product Description

  • Certified Organic
  • GMO Free
  • Gluten Free
  • No Added Sugar or Salt
  • Dairy Free
  • Lactose Free
  • No binding agents
  • Yeast Free
  • Egg Free
  • Certified Organic Cultivation
  • Your baby will feel better
  • Your baby gets the healthiest food available
  • Includes all key vitamins and minerals

Holle Organic gluten free Three Grain Baby Porridge is ideal for later stages of weaning. Three of the most popular gluten free grains (rice, corn, and millet) come together in this organic baby porridge. Suitable for babies from after 6 months. Ideal for use as a gluten-free breakfast with breast milk, baby formula milk or water.

If you add freshly prepared fruit puree (quickly and simply prepared using the Ulula glass grater) or add some teaspoons of one of the Holle fruit jars, your baby will enjoy a delicious and nutritious afternoon snack. To make up a lunch for your kid just add the Holle gluten free Three Grain Baby Porridge to your home made a vegetable puree or mix with Holle carrots, carrots with apple or parsnips.

Certified Organic Baby Cereal

Do you know that your baby requires more iron between 6-12 months of age than any other time in their life, in the proportion of their size? Well, this organic baby cereal understands this and offers you a full packed nutrition meal that your baby demands for and you can also switch to this organic goat milk formula because it is easy to digest, contains no harmful ingredients but this organic baby cereal is ideal for later stages of weaning and it contains three most popular gluten free grains that are necessary for their development.

Fully Organic Cereal

You can even combine it with fruit puree or fruits or vegetable puree to make the diet wholesome and nutritious. Being organic in nature, a lot of care has been taken to select the ingredients. This organic baby cereal doesn’t contain added sugar or salt and can be taken by lactose intolerant kids. It is easy to digest and will structure your baby’s diet. Enriched with nutrients and free from egg and yeast, this cereal is highly recommended by the pediatricians.

Organic cereal porridge for infants 6th month’s

Part of a full-fledged diet
Delicate organic whole meal flakes
Easy to prepare


Rice Whole Meal Flour* 70%, demeter Corn Flour** 20%, Millet Whole Meal Flour* 10%, Thiamin (Vitaminized according to law)

*from organic agriculture
**from biodynamic agriculture

Egg white’s, Sodium, Thiamin, Carbohydrates

  • naturally contains sugar
  • one pack gives about 10 servings of half-milk-mush according to the recipe.

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